• product-imageArctic White
  • Arctic White

    Arctic White is a pure white stone that transmits immense luminosity for an appearance of continuity. This stone provides a solution to any design project and synergises with any architectural elements.

  • product-imageAspen Grey
  • Aspen Grey

    Inspired by natural Aspen stone, Aspen Grey presents itself as the ideal slab for creating the illusion of texture in interior and exterior cladding, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture applications.

  • product-imageBasalt Black
  • Basalt Black

    Characterised by natural basalt rock, Basalt Black is a darker stone that is rich in subtle details. This stone’s shadowy tones provide a prefect contrast to lighter elements in the home.

  • product-imageBasalt Grey
  • Basalt Grey

    Inspired by natural basalt rock, Basalt Grey offers a more subtle interpretation of this earthy design. Featuring a dark greyish veining, this stone is prefect for complimenting lighter design elements.

  • product-imageBeton
  • Beton

    Drawing inspiration from an ageless material – concrete, Beton tells a story of time. Adding a subtle industrial style to settings with a contemporary design, this stone exceeds all technical characteristics.

  • product-imageBianco Carrara
  • Bianco Carrara

    From the Carrara region of Italy, this marble is for use in bathrooms and kitchens, among other rooms for lovers of honed or polished white-grey stones. Prized since ancient times, for its greyish hues and used by Renaissance masters, its history speaks for itself. Its transformative powers bring out the best in rooms, complimenting and adding to sophistication.

  • product-imageCalacatta
  • Calacatta

    Inspired by the best Marble, Calacatta offers a time honoured design with subtle hints of gold lines on a bright white background, which brings light and vitality to any design.

  • product-imageCalacatta Gold
  • Calacatta Gold

    Characterised by a greyish tone with shiny golden veins, Calacatta Gold is ideal for creating a sense of luxury in the most exclusive of spaces.

  • product-imageCalatorao
  • Calatorao

    Neolith Calatorao has a timeless appeal, adding a touch of finesse to every design. Paying homage to the Spanish Calatorao natural stone, Neolith Calatorao is characterised by a sober brown backdrop with stark white veining.

  • product-imageEstatuario
  • Estatuario

    With a combination of thick and subtle veins crossing a pure white background, Estatuario is design that exudes elegance and decorates any space with a touch of freshness, class and beauty.

  • product-imageIron Copper
  • Iron Copper

    Drawing inspiration from copper oxide, Iron Copper is characterised by muted reddish tones that portray invigoration and force.

  • product-imageIron Corten
  • Iron Corten

    With warm red oxide tones, Iron Corten offers an explosion of colour to all kinds of spaces. This daring stone transmits personality and remains intact over time, making it perfect for the most contemporary designs.

  • product-imageIron Frost
  • Iron Frost

    Appealing to minimalism design trends, Iron Frost offers a natural design that stands out due to the delicate shiny metallic details throughout a white and light grey background. This slab provides luminosity to every design it embodies.

  • product-imageIron Grey
  • Iron Grey

    Bridging the gap between metal and natural rock, Iron Grey offers darker greyish tones combined with a subtle shine, which provides a sense of elegance.

  • product-imageIron Moss
  • Iron Moss

    A more subtle approach to iron oxide, Iron Moss stands out because of its aged greenish brown tones which transmits personality and remains intact over time.

  • product-imageKrater
  • Krater

    A truely unique surface with universal appeal, Neolith Krater is a homage to natural Soapstone. Offering a bold and striking aura, Neolith Krater adds depth and contrast through the swirling, deep grain.

  • product-imageLa Boheme B01
  • La Boheme B01

    Inspired by the trunk of Lebanese cedar, La Bohème is a faithful interpretation of this noble wood that stands out because of the play of robust knots and marked lines which offer movement and depth.

  • product-imageLa Boheme B02
  • La Boheme B02

    Inspired by the trunk of Lebanese cedar, La Bohème is a faithful interpretation of this noble wood that stands out because of the play of robust knots and marked lines which offer movement and depth.

    This limited production run has now finished, and limited stock is available in Australia. Please talk to CDK Stone for more information and stock availability in your State.

  • product-imageNero
  • Nero

    Adaptable to any style or trend, Nero is a classic par excellence that disseminates sobriety, elegance and sophistication in all spaces, whilst remaining unalterable over time.

  • product-imageNero Zimbabwe
  • Nero Zimbabwe

    Identical to the natural granite found on the African continent, Nero Zimbabwe presents matte black tones with grey shading which creates a touch of elegance.

  • product-imagePhedra
  • Phedra

    Ideal for contemporary design, Phedra offers a modern light grey tone that provides freshness, whilst remain subtle and sophisticated.

  • product-imageRetrostone
  • Retrostone

    Mirroring Terrazzo, Neolith Retrostone is an elegant surface with a striking, big-grain effect. Perfected by Venetian stonemasons in the 1500’s, Neolith Retrostone honours the long and ancient history by produces a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic effect.

  • product-imageStrata Argentum
  • Strata Argentum

    Inspired by Silver Travertine marble, Strata Argentum portrays a light grey horizontal vein which reproduces the different strata of this Italian marble. The riverwashed finish replicates the original texture of the stone in its purest state.

  • product-imageZaha Stone
  • Zaha Stone

    With a contemporary twist on Iranian Grey Stone, Zaha Stone incorporates a richer, industrial grey tone with etched white veins. This daring design produces the statement piece of Neolith’s styles.


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