Colourful Stone Benchtops: Granite Colour Options for Modern Kitchens

One benefit of choosing stone kitchen benchtops is the assortment of colours and patterns you can choose from. Granite, for instance, is available in an expansive selection of colours ranging from the lighter neutral tones to the darker earthy shades in Melbourne and elsewhere. With that much variety, it can be hard to choose the right benchtop or countertop for your contemporary kitchen. Here are some of the top favourite granite colours to help you make a good decision. [more...]

Beautiful Stone Benchtops: Great Marble Alternatives for Your Kitchen

According to the latest in kitchen benchtops, natural stone is quite a big deal this year. Many homeowners in Melbourne who are remodelling their kitchens are using them to raise the values of their home and their return on investment. While natural stone benchtops do have a certain allure to them, the elegance of white marble is a classic look many are still after. If you want to get with the times but still get that beautiful marble effect, here are a few stone benchtop options for your project. [more...]

Choice of Kitchen Materials: A Comparison of Stone Kitchen Benchtops

When conducting a renovation project for your Melbourne home, you’ll be making a lot of decisions regarding the materials to be used. If the kitchen is receiving a major overhaul, among the choices you’ll have to make involves your benchtops. [more...]

Stone Benchtops: Unique Characteristics and Benefits of These Fixtures

Food is a physiological need, indicated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as the most basic of requirements for living. It’s no wonder, then, that the kitchen is considered the “heart” of the home—and when it comes to home improvement, the kitchen is at the top on many homeowners’ lists. Furthermore, people who are looking to buy new homes in Melbourne pay a great deal of attention to the kitchen. [more...]

Melbourne Stone Kitchen Benchtops: 3 Considerations before Renovations

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popularly undertaken home improvement projects. Who doesn’t want to cook or bake regularly in a lovely environment? By enhancing the “heart of the home” with contemporary designs and sought-after materials, the property’s value increases as well. [more...]

Melbourne Caesarstone Benchtops: Elegant for Contemporary Kitchens

The kitchen has evolved to rival the living room as the true heart of the home, a place where not only the alchemy of cooking to nourish family members occurs in the room, but also a space of intimacy for family and friends to gather and share small moments. It has become an important hub for activity in most Australian homes, so that more and more homeowners are looking into revamping the look of their kitchen to make it look accommodating and homely. [more...]

Custom Made Granite Benchtops in Melbourne to Suit Your Lifestyle

What makes granite bench tops in Melbournesuch a good choice for altering your lifestyle within your kitchen space for the better? For one, the products come in a large range of colours to match your requirements. Then again, granite is a natural stone formed by magma. The thing is that different materials would result in all sorts of formations that would bring about various coloured granites. In turn, it causes a slab to differ in colour from the one end to the other end, which makes each granite benchtop created uniquely different to any other. [more...]

Beautify Your Cooking Space with Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Your kitchen area, being one of the most prominent features of your home will prove to be even more useful and pleasant once you've installed stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. After all, your kitchen space makes up an essential part of your daily life and should be maximized as much as possible.[more...]

5 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen with Benchtops in Melbourne

While kitchen renovations using benchtops in Melbourne prove to be an awesome way to revamp the overall look of your preparation area, it may also be a costly exercise when you opt for the wrong contractors. At times the whole project can be lengthy and make life for you and your family incredibly difficult. Especially if the craftsmen do not know what they are doing. [more...]

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